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Smartee® invisible treatment technology

Leading 3D printing technology,pioneering high-technological digital 3D molded industry.

Based on professional orthodontical theory, Smartee® invisible treatment technology combines 3D printing technology, 3D computer-aided design technology (CAD), and digital 3D modeling (CAM) technology together. After wide-ranged and long term researches and clinical practices, Smartee® developed an unique orthodontical system and pocseessed a complete independent intellectual property rights. Using this technical system, Smartee® R&D team developed and producedthe invisible appliance, which is likely as a "contact lenses". Only wearing step by step, the treatment will be finished unconsciously.

How to start Smartee® invisible treatment

Search for an institution

A professional certificated Smartee®dentist keep accompany with you full-time during the whole treatment.

Clinical examination

The certificated dentist collects patient's data of silicone rubber impressions, X-ray, facial and intraoral photos, Then sends to the Smartee®group to establish a 3D database.

Start treatment

Wear aligners on time, Visit the dentist regularly, Begin the fantastic invisible orthodontic treatment journey.

Comparison between before and after treatment

Mild to moderate crowding correction

Severe crowding correction

Dental crossbite correction





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